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Marine Measurement Service, Clutch, Bedplate and Jack-up Measurement

Munkholm Consult is leading within marine measurement service. We have operated in the marine industry for more than 25 years and we offer high quality and reliable measurement.

Marine Measurement Service für Kupplungen, Fundamente und Jack-up Messungen Munkholm Consult ist führend im Maritimen-Vermessungs- Service. Wir sind seit mehr als 25 Jahren in der Maritimen-Industrie tätig und bieten eine hohe Qualität und einen zuverlässigen Service.

Clutch measurement

Munkholm Consult makes measurements of angle and offset, and depending on the job makes the necessary corrections, ex. clutch, flange, gearbox and shafts.

Quality service

We are an international and dynamic company that meets all measurement needs. We fulfil individual requirements to the benefit of our customers.

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Munkholm Consult is leading within marine measurement service. Contact us for your next marine measurement assignment.

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